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Originally Posted by 6speeds View Post
ok this my last post in this as i feel less inteligent talking with some of you.maybe because its your first time looking at this from the other side i dont know.

what president Trump was saying is No way airplane cut thru thik solid steel without help from explosives. airplane is basically a tin can wings are like toothpic to strength and size of this building but u even see cartoonish wing tips cutting thru that thik steel.

You want physics lets talk physics, If a airplane nose dives into ocean do you think it will cut thru the surface tension and go underwater or is it going to break up into million pieces on the surface then go down????

Also some people Here keep talking ,if you bring jet fuel direct it thru blow torch at one spot for hours will make steel little soft hahaha thats not what happend in real life. It only took seconds for that jet fuel to consume its self that day.... there was even liquid steel running down how that happen?

i dont want to waste my time trying to explain i even think this keyboard typing is gay.
Trumps comment when interviewed several years ago in that film was ambiguous. (In this context, that means, it could be interpreted in different ways) So in the event he was in fact saying what you think he was saying; what does that mean? Does Trump have an engineering degree? How about a basic understand of applied physics? In all his years of being the financier of many high rise buildings, do you imagine at any given time prior to 9/11 he said, "we need to design these buildings to be able to withstand an impact from a loaded 747." ? How many engineering classes prior to 9/11 EVER tested, even within a computer model, the effects of a 747 crashing into a high rise building at full throttle?

In case you're wondering what the correct answers are: Nothing, it is a layman's opinion, No, No, No and likely none.

Nothing but basic physics is needed to debunk these conspiracy theories, but when you couple in what Alex440 posted, this conspiracy is dead in the water. The sheer number of people who needed to be involved would not allow it. Too many people in too many social economic brackets would need to be involved for this to ever stay quiet. Someone willing to get a pay day would have squeaked by now. Too many investigators involved to not show some anomalies or holes in the official report. Instead, what we have are MANY uninvolved, real world physics experts and engineers confirming that not only were the buildings collapsing plausible outcome in those conditions, but the collapses were more than probable.

In regards to a plane crashing into the ground you are saying there should be more plane. One the other hand, you think the building is too strong to have the "cartoon shaped hole" at the entry. At some point you have to believe something caused that cartoon shaped hole in the side of the building. Do you believe it was controlled demolition essentially cutting a plane shaped hole in the building? Do you think the planes were computer generated while being aired live over the TV networks? Do you believe the plane was fitted with some Marvel based comic laser that cut out the hole milliseconds before impact? If not the 500,000 pounds of a fully loaded 747 jet traveling at 400+ MPH, what was it?

With the plane hitting the ground in PA, how many prior plane crashes occur where the pilot is actively TRYING to crash the plane? Every other plane crash prior to that one likely had the pilot trying to do everything within his power to bring the plane in a easy as possible. Do you think there might be some type of different debris field between a plane crashing at 175 mph with the nose up and 550mph with the nose down? Also, which do you think is going to create more resistance for a crashing plane; a man made building several hundred feet above the ground or .... the earth? I'm going to go with the Earth as the correct answer. Here is another physics lesson to further this point.

In the prior example i listed where 100 pounds falling (under the power of gravity alone) from a height of 4 feet will impact with the weight of 20,000 pounds. Well, the stopping distance for that impact equation was set at 1/4". If you make that same 100 pounds falling from 4" stop in half the distance, the impact weight is doubled to 40,000 pounds. For perspective, flight 93 hit the ground with an estimated impact weight of.... wait for it.... 2,147,483,647 pounds or 20,567,551 tons. With the Earth weighing in around 6,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000 kilograms, which do you think will have a more significant impact on the other?

Conversely, do you suppose a plane traveling at speed, impacting a high rise building with 2,147,483,647 pounds of force might possibly inflict more damage on the man made building than the building would on the plane? Bear in mind that while the WHOLE building weighed in at 500,000 tons, the section the plane impacted would have likely only weighed in the neighborhood of 400,000 pounds at best.

Ever see the cartoon shaped hole a bullet leaves in phone book? The weight of the phone book dwarfs the bullets weight, but the bullet wins in destroying the phone book.

Here is something visually enlighten since you like youtube videos. Feel free to watch the entire video, but start at 3:20 to see in super slow motion what a relatively light plate of steal does to an entire car (let alone the concrete backstop) when you introduce speed. BTW, this rocket sled was traveling at about the same speed (or lower) as the jets were when they crashed into the WTC and the field in PA. Be sure to take note on how the rear bumper of the car wasn't pressed into the concrete until the impact had reached the mid point of the car. The effect created by structors colliding at this speed is difficult to comprehend. The majority of the car was essentially vaporized into tiny bits of metal in the same way the 9/11 flights were on impact.

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