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Originally Posted by 6speeds View Post
ok this my last post in this as i feel less inteligent talking with some of you.maybe because its your first time looking at this from the other side i dont know.

what president Trump was saying is No way airplane cut thru thik solid steel without help from explosives. airplane is basically a tin can wings are like toothpic to strength and size of this building but u even see cartoonish wing tips cutting thru that thik steel.

You want physics lets talk physics, If a airplane nose dives into ocean do you think it will cut thru the surface tension and go underwater or is it going to break up into million pieces on the surface then go down????

Also some people Here keep talking ,if you bring jet fuel direct it thru blow torch at one spot for hours will make steel little soft hahaha thats not what happend in real life. It only took seconds for that jet fuel to consume its self that day.... there was even liquid steel running down how that happen?

i dont want to waste my time trying to explain i even think this keyboard typing is gay.
It would take more time to burn off that fuel in my opinion, the liquid does not burn, rather the vapor. There was a lot of liquid, its kept in the wings and you did not see wings coming out of the other side of the building nor raw fuel, so it mostly remained inside. If you add aluminum to a fire it burns really hot, what I don't know is if it needs to be particulate to add all that heat, in this case I bet not.

Aluminum can punch through hard items given the velocity it was going, its like the piece of straw punching through a board in a tornado. We (US) had a fighter plane that cut through a ski gondola cable in Italy a number of years ago. The aluminum wing cut through the steel cable. I believe the plane landed after the incident. I would have to look it up to be certain but for sure it cut the cable, and sadly a bunch of people in the gondola died.

Not everyone understands how this is possible.