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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
ah so naive, standing on the shoulders of others and pointing a finger. everything you know came from someone else? do you really question it? with these comments its obvious not an original thinker.
I read this twice and am still not quite following what you're attempting to bring across. Are you saying I would point a finger at someone for having a fake watch and embarrassing them about it?

And in regards to having an opinion on the subject: there are only two choices mate. You either think it's OK, or you think it's not OK. So having an original thought here would be difficult.

I could write a small thesis on it, but I won't. It's a bit of a pride thing: I am from Europe and most imitated or forged (faked) copies of luxury items are European brands. Seeing them be copied and pawned off as the real thing, it doesn't sit right with me. Again, sorry if this offends you or makes you feel bad.