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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
No noticeable fat loss in my experience. I generally think BCAA's are overrated and oversold. I do believe they help in recovery and can have a place when used while training in a calorie deficit (i.e. cutting) but the only really important ingredient is leucine and you need to have enough to make it useful.

Having said that, I will throw a scoop in my water when I work out on the off chance it aids in recovery but mainly because I like the taste so it's almost like drinking kool-aid
Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
I've read tons of reviews where people say it's helped in muscle recovery, which is exactly what I'm looking for. I know the other results are inconsistent and probably nonexistent!

Switching gears, but what is everyone's thought on intermittent fasting? Just read a bunch of articles on it and it's interesting to say the least. I'm not interested in a "diet", but it's kind of amazing that having certain windows of caloric intake can actually benefit you whereas most people see bodybuilders eat several meals a day. Just thought it was interesting and as I'm getting more into fitness I like to do more and more research.
BCAA's, just like any other form of supplementation, are best used as part of a recovery group/stack along with adequate whey/casein, creatine/beta-alanine, multivitamin, etc. I have noticed immediate and significant changes after implementing a daily dose of BCAA's, especially during my recovery weeks when I will go without training for a specified amount of time. It assists with the creation of lean muscle and tissue recovery, and not the accelerated loss of fat.

Intermittent fasting is helpful, but largely circumstantial based on your physical state and conditioning frequency. I've personally never been on either extreme; never felt the need to eat every 2-3 hours, snack throughout the day, or severely cut calories. In fact, it is most beneficial to focus your meals and caloric intake bulk within 2-3 meals a day, and supplement whatever your deficit may be with intermittent snacking; this can't be overdone however, as you will end up upside down without knowing it. Tracking calories can assist with avoiding of this.

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