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Originally Posted by GirthBrooks View Post
I completely agree. Most people will think it's a bunch of craziness but when it comes to the NWO there is irrefutable evidence of the strings that are tied to the puppets. Also one of the only people bringing The Bilderberg Group and Bohemian Grove to light.

Not to mention it's so refreshingly anti-pc.

My fiance listens to Michael Savage a lot on the radio, haven't had the chance yet to hear what he has to say.
Last week he spoke about asking Americans to name ten great American paintings. Ten great American innovations in science and ten great American concertos in the last hundred years.

He says you would be hard put to find a person that can answer half that. His shtick is about culture and the flag. That some great unknown powers (he named them all by the way) are actively trying to create an unintelligent and easily lead population.

But his programs... damn. Boarderline overboard. I mean he may be Jewish. But even that may not stop him from getting shut down for some of the racial things he says.