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Originally Posted by PA135ii View Post
It's over. You know it is and that is why your getting angry and resorting to name calling. When your a loser, like you are, it's the easy thing to do.

You know what was great. The look on Belicheats face after the Eagles ran the Philly special. lol...

it hurts to lose .. huh..

Pederson outcoached Belicheat.
And are one of many haters, just the most recent. I donít get mad but if I had a dollar for every YAHOO like yourself Iíd be very rich.

This convo is ground hogs day for us Pats Fans.

The difference is IGGLES fans donít even know how to win gracefully. Have a little class. But I know that is asking a lot from Philly.

Oh and that Bennett pic.....ummmm pretty sure that was another SB win for Pats...yup it was.