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Originally Posted by TheWatchGuy View Post
It's been removed from here

It has also been removed from the ad catalogs for 2019.

This is how they "announce" it. They don't typically say "x watch will be gone" they just quietly remove it.

The speculation is on what the ln and blnr get replaced with. That is what we will find out at basel.

As for the availability, rolex told its ads to expect more limited quantities. As far as waitlists go, that's ad dependent. Spend a bunch at your ad, your wait is going to be much shorter than someone who walks off the street wanting to be on the waitlist.
Again, lots of wrong information. Rolex isn't telling ADs there's limited quantities. ADs are saying this. Two different things. There is only one single Rolex owned boutique in the entire world, just one. The rest are just Rolex brand authorized dealers.
The BLNR is still on the configurator. The Rolex website is trash. You have to pick the steel then the bezel...All three bezels are still there. It wasn't in the normal catalog but the BLNR was in the master catalog. That has been confirmed. The standard catalog that people get over the counter at ADs doesn't include every single Rolex model, also, this has been confirmed in the past.

A bunch of idiots went into a panic after Basel because the BLNR wasn't in the Basel press materials...meanwhile the watch was clearly displayed at Basel along with the LN and new BLRO. No watch that has been cancelled by Rolex has ever been shown at Basel in the presentation displays.
Only in the history or lineage displays.

If the BLNR really has stopped, I can bet my money that it is just being updated to the new movement. Same for the black LN which no-one is talking about because it isn't as popular and has always been easy to get. People are just using social media to hype things up so they can see the value of their watch go up or in hopes of reselling and making a profit.
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