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Originally Posted by Blksnowflake View Post
It's still on the website. and go to your AD if you're on good terms with them and ask to see the 2019 master catalog. It's in there. The screenshot I posted was just now...I just did that just now...people are still buying them 'till this very day, arriving in stores....don't know what else to tell you.

They never discontinued but your logic for the 16710 is flawed as it was obvious with the coming of the 116710 with the then new 3186 movement that only a few 16710 managed to get.

I have seen the catalogs from the ADs i work with.

there is a new gmt movement, the 3285.

the current 116710ln/blnr with 3186 is not being made. If they modify the case or use the case in the new BLRO to fit the slightly bigger 3285, that is different.
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