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My in-laws have a Samsung, twice now the refig ended up demo mode which turns off the compressors but all the lights work, so you think the refig is running but it is not and there is no way to knows until everything melts in the freezer.

Turns out the controls for refig are on the front where the water and ice dispenser are when cleaning the front you can easily press the right key combination to put the unit in demo mode. I can not believe how stupid this is. Every refig I have owned always had the controls inside and in an out of way place.

BTW I just replaced our refig and went with kitchenaid, I have replaced all of our appliances with kitchenaid, and bought them at Sears scratch and dent, at 50% to 60% off. Great deal and units had minors scratches where you could not see. No reason to pay full price.