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I hear you.

About four weeks ago I had to put down One-Eye Madaline (a Brittany with one eye "patch"). Had her since she was 10 weeks old (got her for a discount because of her markings and not showing strong Brittany traits). Drove t=2.5 hours after picking her up and never an accident in the [new] GTO. Where I went, she went. When I went hunting for two weeks, she was at the door waiting for me whimpering. In later years she just lay at the front door as though it were her bed.

She was the Puppy Girl though would not stay next to/up against you unless you were petting her.

Her demise was a tumor in the diaphragm which eventually didn't allow her to breath (she was slowly choking to death). Her breathing was show laboured and and raspy it would wake us at night (she slept in our room). The right decision was still hard.

When she was finally gone the room was too quiet. Then we cried.

And I cried.

And cried.