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Originally Posted by openwheelracing View Post
Plenty of stock available. Either you are not an important client or doesn't know where to look.

Vintage GMTs are plentiful too but at premium prices I don't understand. Tons of those out there.
Where are the plentiful? New SS Sport models is what we're referring to, not vintage GMTs that you can buy anywhere. GMTs, Subs, Daytona's - brand new 2019 models (yes, I want to be perfectly clear because you brought up vintage GMTs).

I'm calling BS on the new SS Sport models. I'm on TRF every day and there are endless threads of people looking for SS Sport models.

I am on the preferred list and got a SS Daytona about 9 weeks after I told my AD I wanted one. This took me 10 years to build this relationship with my AD along with plenty of money being spent.

I'd like to pick up another Hulk for a friend of mine - at MSRP, so show me the way and I'll purchase it on the spot.
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