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Originally Posted by bosstones View Post
All of my house wiring is in conduit so I'm not worried about that. I may do some romex out of laziness just to get some additional outlets w/o having to anchor 2x4's to the foundation walls (until I plan out how I want to finish the basement). Not too worried about romex and paint either, just the low voltage stuff.

However, I have Cat6, RG6, and other low voltage are coming in from different points and converging in certain areas. Knowing me, I'll want to re-arrange some of the wiring at some point so I'm not sure if the paint will flake off and leave a mess or if some of the chems in the paint will have an effect on the outer jackets (I have horrible luck lol). I was thinking of maybe a solid cable trough or something. It'd also help protect the cabling from unwanted interference although the blue Cat6 jacket would look cool against the black background.

Still, though, I'm interested in any lessons learned about tarping/masking that you run into. The job can get quite messy, quite quickly.
PVC Conduit it. Cheap, easy to do, and will look 100 times nicer than wires hanging around.
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