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I've been wasting a lot of time looking up different grass seeds (cultivars, blends, etc...). Man...this is a deep rabbit hole. Finally picked something and....can't buy it locally since the only distributors are wholesalers that won't sell to the public. lol

Maybe I'll just order a 50lb bag of Appalachain KBG and a couple of bags of GCI TTTF. It is tempting to get Award or another premium/elite grass but I can't stomach the price at Super Seed Store (which is the only place I can find that will sell to homeowners). I have a lot of clump fescue in my backyard right now and I'm not sure where it is from but I did do a spring overseed w/ the GCI seed. However, I did still have a lot of thin areas so maybe some crap got in that way (and via the bulk compost/soil mix I got in the spring).