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Originally Posted by RickFLM4 View Post
Yep I had plans to do a lot this weekend but it was pretty windy and threatening to rain all day yesterday, with more of the same this morning. Too windy to use a spreader or sprayer. Well, at least I got to fertilize the palm trees, tabebuiaa, gardenia, Italian cypress and juniper yesterday.

Has anyone used Yard Mastery .172% Dithiopyr as a pre-emergent? LCN recommends fall application here to suppress crab grass and some other weeds that sprout up in fall / winter. I bought a 50 lb. bag from his site to try. Should provide with me 2 applications.
I never understood why put down pre emergent during the Fall to prevent weeds in the Springtime but yet we still put down pre emergent in the Springtime? for the last 2 seasons I have not noticed any difference with not putting down pre emergent in the Fall. at least for cool season lawns. Plus with Falltime most grasses are already getting prepared to go dormant so if anything the best thing to do that I notice that works for me is just to put down your last application of fertilizer
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