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Update From Bmw I Concierge Today - Tuesday Afternoon

John from BMW i Concierge just called and said he literally just got out of a meeting, during which he was told that BMW has yet to determine how and when they will release the i8s in the US.

So, he said that those few cars already on boats, as well as several others that will soon join them, will be pooled (not sure what 'pooled' means) and BMW will determine when to release the vehicles from the VPCs to the dealers en masse.

None of this makes a lot of sense, especially given the fact that this directly contradicts what they (BMW i concierge) told me about a week ago when they called me then when I raised a concern about multiple/reputable rumors of a release hold in the US.

John said he will further clarify exactly what this means and try to get some more data for me/us by tomorrow.

One thing continues to be 110% clear:
BMW (not sure if it is Germany, NA, or the i Division) is REALLY messed up in terms of determining how and when to release the i8, and their communications about this entire launch from the very beginning have been abysmal. They should be downright ashamed at how this has been handled. John said that many many customers he has already spoken with have been furious.

But, in the end, I believe that our (this blog group) being upset won't make much of a difference. This again points to the basic arrogance the company displays, and disrespect for (top) customers, dealers, etc. about proper communication to properly & fairly set customer expectations, most especially when their official communications contradict one another each and every month for almost 6 months now.

Very unsettling.

I truly wish a competitor made a similar car - then we could all speak through money and buy our goods elsewhere.
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