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Originally Posted by jwestfield View Post
mine now in 5th+ week after being completed and still at plant, not even on way to port. getting very very very very frustrated, and my dealer can't find out anything and said that BMW NA not allowed to call BMW Germany about special order vehicles. Not sure what in teh world is going on.

Mine is the sophisto grey - I wonder if they had issues with some colors vs others?

those of you whose vehicles are on the boat, what color did u order?

BUT - VERY excited yours is almost in your driveway!
I had no response from Concierge John or Leipzig.
Poor show for someone who just spent $300k on 3 new bmw.
The whole customer interface past the dealer stinks.
I know the Maranello factory is a different ball game, but I always got a response and the ex President Ferrari NA gave me his cell # and took time to respond on 458 and FF. Even Marchione gave me a bear hug when I told him of my forthcoming FF.
If BMW want to enter the big league they need to understand that early adopters and opinion formers are crucial to sustained momentum once the ballyhoo has died down.
Maybe I should go with new Ferrari 458 turbo,
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