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Originally Posted by StuM View Post
My salesman said his dealership believes they will be able to spec and order at least their initial 2015 i8's in December. With delivery of that first 2015 around March. They are apparently being told they should expect 4-6 2015 allocations, but we all saw how that varied for the current 2014 cars.
Mine will be a 2014, ordered this past July, with build projected in early December and delivery late January. The guy next behind me on the list is getting that first 2015. They asked me if I wanted to swap spots, to get a '15, but without any more firm timing details, I am holding my committed spot, at msrp. If they get any further firm 2015 details and allocation commitments, plus any possibility of new colors, etc, before I reach the point of no return, I might reconsider a slot swap. Until then, it's a 2014, blue/PI/turbine wheels.
I hope your right, I know you guys waited a lot longer for your 2014's and its only been 3 months so far for me but I still check the forums and dealership emails every day...just in case.
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