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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
If you are a Bell or Telus mobility customer then you have been using Huawei's infrastructure for years now not to mention the numerous Huawei wired switching components across the country. One way or another your data touches Huawei equipment somewhere along the line. I would be equally as concerned about the US governments ability to access your data under he patriot act.

It's funny that people get so up in arms about Huawei accessing their data but many will voluntarily post every dying minute of their lives on Facebook for the world to see and have no problem offering up their DNA to 'genealogy' services.
Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Man View Post
I'd rather the US have see what I'm doing that China, and I other than this forum I don't use any type of social media.

I'm with Grumpy on that one. Worst case scenario, I have a much better shot at blending into the American masses and becoming anonymous if needs be.

But as a white guy, I think I'm going to have considerable difficulty blending in to anonymity within China and having everyone believe my name is Fuk Yu.
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he's Canadian. By international law we all must worship him and all other products of the country.