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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
Not sue what you mean by blending in. The Patriot Act now the Freedom Act allows the government to access your data which may be use against you.
Oh I mean in the event it is used against me...I'd be looking at grid, but blending in in that I don't look obviously out of place when I need supplies, etc.

Who knows...perhaps in the not too distant future private conversations will no longer be excluded from hate speech. And in that case, my not-well-esteemed PM probably would not be thrilled with how low my opinion is of him. And my Google home has been dutifully recording my rants for months now. I doubt that qualifies as hate, but that would be up to King Justin. If he can tear himself away from a camera that long anyways.
Originally Posted by Lups View Post
he's Canadian. By international law we all must worship him and all other products of the country.