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U.S. unveils criminal charges against China’s Huawei

So I guess the US isn't going to w/d the extradition request.

OTTAWA—The U.S. government announced nearly two dozen criminal charges against Huawei Technologies Monday in a high-profile news conference slamming the Chinese hi-tech giant, and ratcheting up pressure on Canada which is bearing Beijing’s wrath for arresting Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou.

As Ottawa fights to free two detained Canadians and avoid the death sentence for a third man in China, top Trump cabinet members and American justice officials revealed the formal charges.

They include 13 charges filed by a New York grand jury indictment against Huawei for allegedly misleading multinational banks about Huawei’s relationship to a company doing business in Iran, in violation of U.S. sanctions. The charges include allegations of attempting to obstruct justice by concealing evidence and moving potential witnesses back to China.

“We are deeply grateful to the government of Canada for its assistance and its steadfast commitment to the rule of law,” said acting U.S. attorney general Matthew Whitaker.

Whitaker also announced another series of 10 charges levied by a Seattle grand jury against Huawei for stealing U.S. technology from an American wireless company T-Mobile.

But Whitaker and the U.S. home security secretary especially took aim at Huawei’s alleged attempt to do an end-run around Iran sanctions, saying it jeopardized American national security laws. But Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross tried to distinguish it as a “law enforcement action” distinct from the coming trade talks.

The announcement comes two days before American justice officials were due to send formal documents and evidence to support the extradition of Meng. It also comes before senior Beijing officials were due in Washington in an attempt to reach a trade deal before the U.S. slaps even higher tariffs on Chinese imports at the beginning of March.