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During your commute, you won't be prepared for a stretch of ice so there is in any car only one thing you can do, go slow. This car goes 20 km/h maybe in the slalom, less I guess. So I can only urge everyone, don't expect any car to "handle" on ice. If you go 50 km/h it will only handle in a straight line into the next obstacle. And any small incline won't work no matter what.

This is a lot of fun on specially prepared tracks without obstacles other than a little snow curb. But even there I have seen DTM drivers needing a tractor to pull them back (of course I never needed that ).

I have been in an accident because a city I lived in once didn't remove invisible icing in time from a slope, I know what it feels like if Sir Isaac Newton takes the wheel. So please, don't create unreasonable expectations 🙏.