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Originally Posted by Leto1701 View Post
Actually that's pitiful. I have hundreds of hours sideways on frozen lakes under my belly and that looks different, especially in an AWD that can handle 90+ drift angles. I would always choose a Quattro for this. Sorry BMW.
Not sure what you mean with pitiful here?

BTW: Some of the clip is in slowmotion

This was not meant to be a video where I checked how much driftangel I could manage, then this video had looked quite a bit different.
It was just a short video where I tried to move the i8 as effectively and close to the cones I could with very limited traction. I was curious to see how the drive train would handle this kind of driving.
The i8 was not design for sideway fun on the ice, but it managed OK also on an icetrack.
Not sure I agree about your comment regarding the Quatro, but I guess it is a matter of preference.
The xDrive system on BMW is IMO one of the most balanced and effective system on the marked. If you prefer to show of with 90% angel no problem, if you want to do a fast lap with a more effective driving style that works perfectly as well.

Here is a video from the same day( Not me driving this time)
M140i xDrive

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