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Originally Posted by Leto1701 View Post
No way in the world that video was done without spiked tires. Right? Yes, parts were in slow motion but what was the speed without spikes on ice in the slalom?

It is not typical not to use spikes on ice. The driving would change to much during the day. Spikes on ice give you a pretty consistent driving experience, it is a must for beginners or they never learn to drift.

Yes, I prefer Quattro on ice while still driving a BMW AWD now. In Germany you don't have much snow anyway, in 10 years no one will understand the question here anymore I fear who handles best on snow. What was snow again �� And it's anyway mostly a question of the tires, the AWD concept is only a nuance, guess we can agree on that

The slalom course was the one without spikes and the speed was not high at all. You are right, its not typical to rig a car ment to drive on the ice, without spikes. Only reason the I8 did not have spikes was that it was not planned to drive it on the ice at all. It was a spontaneous small test where we also wanted to test our new drone. I also took it on a lap around the circuit, and that was a bit tricky...

The M140 lap was definatly with spikes.

Except the fact that I prefer the xDrive, I think we can agree on the rest
Tires are the most important factor and the rest is a matter of preference I guess.

Probably totally wrong forum to post this, but here is a lap I did with a small 120dxDrive ( spike tires). Not much power but still fun. Wanted to test the BMW Drive Analyzer App.