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i believe Merc' can create an engine map that more boost on higher revs close to party mode (quali) and lineer figures on mid to higher rev range (race).. instead of engine modes, there can be an option to switch between different rev lights on the steering wheel to keep the engine on safer revs during the race and higher for the quali so instead of changing the map, there can be rev light modes will be in the regulation.. so when pushing is needed during the race driver can rev a bit higher for more power.. since Merc' guys have more brain than me probably they already figured what to do.. and another possibility that Merc' will set the car close to party mode all the time and then there can be partying all the way for other teams..

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Yeah my friend . Next is Spa , I'm curious to see how the Mercs run in the QF without the Party-Mode .
According Toto : He's not worried !
mate there is a possibility that Honda engine can blew up easier since there wont be a safer mode you know that right? they cant be too safe cause they ll need pace for quali.. and they have to more risk for covering quali sessions since Racing Points was so close Max in Spain.. i guess you were telling that Merc' was running 70-80% of their power only but Honda was telling this is all we got.. just something to think about for you..

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Schumi cheated for so long with hidden traction control so if Merc can adopt that capability (look at their suspected red dots dash at start) without being sussed then nearly max power and kid gloving tyres is always a possibility. Tech now is in space age,I'm not saying et technology heh heh can be used in F1 my friend but it is known that the 'dark side' have an almost blank cheque and unlimited staff.
there is nothing wrong with the dash lights my friend.. that conspiracy has no ground to prove its point..
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