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Originally Posted by grimlock View Post
I guess OP is pissed at people who do this - for devalueing the enjoyment of his hard-earned attainment.
No, I'm not pissed at all about folks buying or companies making fake watches. Neither of those things bother me. I think my OP makes that pretty clear. I just wanted to know what folks here think about the matter of fake watches.

Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
...I don't really care if someone wears a fake watch; that's their business. I don't care if they knowingly represent a fake watch they are wearing (not selling) as an authentic one; that's their insecurity issue not mine. ...

The short is that someone else's fake watch has no real, direct impact on my ability to enjoy my own authentic ones. ...

[Anecdote of a rude house guest inquiring about the authenticity of some of my artworks.]

It doesn't have a damn thing to do with my self image, the items in question or anything else tangible. It has to do with the fact that it's just rude, it's crass; and it's plebeian to ask that sort of thing.

So what is your view on the matter of fake watches?
My expression of dismay in my OP had to do with the tasteless behavior some folks exhibit on the matter of fakes vs. authentic items.

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