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Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
President Trump, who repeatedly touted WikiLeaks on the campaign trail in 2016, on Thursday denied knowing anything about the whistleblower website or its founder, Julian Assange, who was arrested in London earlier in the day.

I know nothing about Wikileaks. Its not my thing, Trump told reporters inside the Oval Office when asked if he still loves WikiLeaks.

Of Assange, Trump said, I know nothing really about him its not my deal in life.

Trump sure loved Assange and Wikileaks back in 2016!

Oh Trumpie. A source of constant amusement for me, it helps distract me from the reality of my own PM's shortcomings. I don't think he understands that the internet is forever. And Twitter is going to hurt.

That being said, I still do think he's doing a relatively good job in some aspects for America.
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he's Canadian. By international law we all must worship him and all other products of the country.