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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Man View Post
I think Trump would be happy if Biden got the nod for the dems.
Not wishing for this but don't be surprised if it happens because the entire field is both unelectable and committing internecine warfare but here is my thought based on some observations and a few conversations:

I wouldn't, at all, be surprised if SHE, yes that's correct, Hillary Rodham Clinton. She still fits the bill (pun intended) and would unify the party behind her without having to stoop to the underhanded election fixing she did in the previous election.

If I'm the Dems, I bring her in at the last moment of qualification and swoop in for the kill and sweep the nomination slate clean. I position my operatives in every state delegation and whip out the signs and placards on the convention floor at the pivotal moment.

Not that I want this to happen but I can see it occurring if they want a snowballs chance in hell to win.
i'm in favor of this theory mostly because i'm in favor of anything that promotes chaos on the other side....well, ok, 'more chaos'.
if Hillary and the Brooklyn Mafia steal this thing at the Convention, having won zero Delegates, Bernie supporters will either stay home or vote for Trump.
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