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this was my high school and where i grew up. sounds just too unbelievable. the urinating is simply being spread from a Facebook post. a fucking facebook post written by a middle schooler. How does one get urinated on; were they held down. was it from the top. seems like a few more details needed. so obvs this is the schoolyard story blown into national news.

furthermore the two kids are on video saying the n-word and a school full of bleachers dont do anything.

let me tell you something, if I said the n-word in school(SAME School) i would have likely been beaten to a pulp. so lots of details missing from the story. There was a brawl in the lunch room ~2004 polish vs black. chairs thrown; people hospitalized. not a peep out of the media. flash forward to now; and words are a crime. people just selectively get mad about things. makes fragile fucking people. but hey wouldnt that distract you from

I've read the the lawsuit and I received a cell phone ticket right after one of the meetings where the sergeant pushed the quota. LOL; cops are totally bullies in my town. i honestly don't get bothered but I grew up with them; and their spewing racist comments toward me in HS. now they enforce the law; funny how that goes.

the homecoming game; police were on the scene and notified and the police failed to act. this is huge in my town currently but just goes to show. Law is not order anymore; just what people choose to get mad about

crazy how this article has found its way to bimmerpost

I've stayed out of all discussion on on local fb groups because people will put me on a spike for being biased. but im just saying if you read the facts and just watch the video. you get a 10 second clip of two kids saying the n word; thats it. someone will probably key my car just because of all this

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