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Went to Bimmerfest 2014 today and had a great time amongst BMW enthusiasts. Quite a show. Of course, the highlight for me was to visit the BMW North America booth where they had an i8 on display. It was a great opportunity to get several questions answered with the assistance of a very nice rep from BMWNA. For example, how difficult is it to get into the car if one is in a tight parking spot and it's not possible to fully open the door? answer: not as difficult as I imagined. I was also interested to see just how difficult it is to get in the back seats for my kids: answer: not too bad. I was able to confirm that the limited storage areas in the console do provide a space for an IPhone docking cradle, a must have in my opinion.

Then I got to some tougher questions: will the US cars come fully loaded? answer: yes, only options being choice of interiors and choice between two wheels. Will there be a display key in US cars: answer: hum, I can only say that it is strongly rumored and that if such a key were available, it would likely have wireless access to the car. When will orders start being taken for US cars: answer: deliveries should start in September, and it usually takes around 10 weeks from time of order until the cars arrive in California, so you can do the math.

I'm sure there are other questions I'll think of that I wished I had asked, but all in all it was very informative. Oh, and last but not least, the car is gorgeous, but those on this thread already knew that.
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