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Originally Posted by jwestfield View Post
my i8 is delayed in brunswick due to an issue that all i8's must be checked for - something about a ground wire to fuel tank
That is bad luck, no recall on mine yet. I will check tomorrow.
Had the car 5 days now, soon I will prepare some more extensive comments. So far I am not enamoured by the i8. Maybe I was expecting too much. Despite it's amazing exterior which promises so much, the drive is more than a tad disappointing, the synthezised sound in Sport so artificial. The feature in the i3 which I liked so much regen braking is hardly noticable. Pure Impulse with Carum Grey is satisfactory, but overall interior materials are very average. Steering wheel leather for instance.
As regards road excitment, driving responses etc it has none of the thrills of my previous R8, 458 and even the late departed FF. My wife's new M4 was an immediate hit with me. I dislike Comfort mode which switches the engine off/on. I end up either in complete e drive (kind of fascinating, but 15-18mile range ) or Sport (with the drone )
I collect classic cars and perhaps the mechanical nature and physical feel of those cars, which were continued into my previously owned sports cars makes me a poor candidate for the future of motoring.
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