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Originally Posted by FlaPatsFan View Post
So true Rmtt. I will add that it’s not good to 1rm every week. Work volume and percentages and only 1rm every 4-6 weeks. If you don’t track your weekly numbers you should at least calculate your percentages for your “big lifts”. This will really help with strength numbers. There is a lot of variation you can do by working percentages. I know most ppl don’t use this methodology but that is what separates those who “workout” and those of us who “train”. Aaaand the numbers never lie, you will see gains this way.
Yep....and it is so much easier now that there are apps for this on your phone. I remember keeping a notebook for years. Now I plug my numbers into my phone....and it sets my next 6 weeks of training up with reps, percentages, and rest times.

And I can choose from Wendler and all his variants, Westside, Smolov, and a whole lot of others if I want to.
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