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Originally Posted by tony55343 View Post
What app do you use for this? Sounds like something worth looking into!
I use a few...Mainly TM Training and one called Zero to Hero.

Only thing that sucks is that they don't have these if you have an I-Phone. I have recommended them before, but ran into it being for Android only.

But both are pretty powerful for being free. You can fully customize anything on it including accessory exercises and rest timers. You can also choose different types of progression such as linear, double, and so on where you have it automatically adjust the weights, reps, or sets you are using when you reach a certain point. takes all of the thinking out of it. I show up at the gym, pull up the app, and my entire workout with weights and reps are laid out for me. Typically one different exercise each week will be tested with what's called an AMRAP set (As Many Reps As Possible).

Based on that, it will calculate your new 1 rep max and then auto adjusts everything when you start the next workout cycle based on what %'s you have setup. I typically work off of a 85% of my 1RM so that I have some volume built in with reps. But once during that training will have you doing a double or triple to test things.
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