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mate even if Merc' d do nothing, this track was putting less energy on tires and probably grip levels are a bit different as well.. but im sure right after that tire incidents and problems at least 5-10 people already started to bring ideas to figure out how to fix it.. and didnt see a comparison but i believe Merc's ran with higher brake cooling package just take the heat from tires a bit more probably.. but above all Merc' is still works hard the most among teams mate seen another example yesterday..

yeah i guess Italian press believes in that and can be.. hopefully actually.. right after its certain i guess i ll apply for waving a flag, pushing a car or to be around.. just to get into action closer been so long since i ve been in an F1 race.. this time i ll tear apart some carbon pieces from a car if i can..


You guys are forgetting that they used C1,C2,C3 in Spain while they used C2, C3,C4 in F1 70 and British GP. There problems didn't go away, they used harder compounds.
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