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Let me take personal inventory:

- car has a clock (or two). Check
- cell phone has a clock. Check
- need for a fake Rolex. No need.

I do have two watches. One Swiss watch I paid a coupe hundred from a reputable dealer. Another Seiko my wife bought me for an anniversary present 20 years ago. Probably cost her $100. Still works great. The jeweler I bought my Swiss watch from said my Seiko is worth more than she paid for it since they don't make that style anymore. I kept it anyway.

I don't get the whole fake (counterfeit) purchases. The only reason you'd buy a knock off is to impress someone. If you really did buy a Rolex for the quality, then you'd buy one.

Now let me slip into my knockoff 1M while wearing my knockoff Ferragamo shoes, belt, wallet.

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