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Originally Posted by MoeTE87 View Post
Hello Everyone,

So im not sure how to start this off but I will just go for it. I used to be very active and played college baseball from 2002-2005. I was in great shape and ran 5-7miles per day because I was a pitcher and needed to keep my endurance up and legs strong. I lifted a lot of weights. My playing weight was 210-214, depending on the day. I was and still am 6'4. I miss those days as it was a blast playing college baseball and traveling the country.

Fast forward to 13-15yrs. I have gained some weight, heaviest I have ever been. I enjoy lifting weights and running but the "will" and "motivation" hasn't been there for a few months. I built a nice gym in our basement with a punching bag, speed bag, weight bench, treadmill and free weights. I was in there 3 days per week for the first 3 months of this year then just fizzled out. I tend to eat healthy during the day and was doing well when I ordered Factor meals as my dinner meals for a few months as everything was portioned out.

My issue is, I know I need to get back into the gym but I cant seem to get down there. I will be heading to FLA in about 72 days with the family and would like to drop about 20lbs before then. I usually lift heavy and can gain muscle pretty easily. It's getting the fat off that takes me some time now. I dont take any supplements other than protein shakes after lifting.

I just need ideas on how to get a good start on losing the lbs. I might look into getting back to playing racquetball for the cardio but those places are getting less and less here in Cincinnati.

Thanks for reading..
Diet is 70% of the battle in my opinion. Up your cardio - try to workout at least 4 times a week. It's willpower at first, but it will eventually be a habit, just make it a habit. Find cardio you enjoy or at least don't mind, if you hate it you won't want to stick with it. You have 72 days to lose 20lbs and you're at your heaviest weight yet, I think you have this in the bag if you put your mind to it. Just takes some effort, good luck man!
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