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Originally Posted by wtwo3 View Post
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@wtwo3 - second place you recommended. San something or other lol.

I'll update as the food comes.

Also, when were you gonna warn me about the speed cameras everywhere?!! I think I'm at two tickets already
Shit my bad I live in the suburbs so no speed cameras out here. All the speed cameras downtown are a new thing. They're crazy... 6mph over is grounds for a ticket within city limits.
I was in the burbs!!! Western Ave / St lol.

Okay so the Korean is good but when you and your fam (haven't forgotten about your SD question just haven't had time to respond) get to CA, see if you can make it to LA at least for the day. I'd like to take you and your fam out to Korean BBQ. It's, different in LA lol. No way to explain it but people in Korea even come to LA specifically for the bbq. My treat. Least I could do for all your recommends.

Minus the speeding ticket. I blame you not my foot for that one, lol
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