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They definitely have huge presence in person and I love the brighter two-tone interiors like the blue one in the video or black/red. I have nowhere near the money to afford a $450k car but if money was no object there isn't anything higher quality out there. It's also a MASSIVE car. Even the Wraith and Ghost are huge when you see them in person, they're like a foot longer than you'd expect them to be. The Phantom EWB is bigger than most full-size trucks.

I did a private test drive event for the Aston Martin DBX last week and was honestly blown away by it. I wasn't expecting much but the engine is great, the interior is very luxurious, super high quality leather, sounded pretty good for being stock, and handled better than any SUV I've driven except maybe a Cayenne Turbo with PDCC which I'd say was about equal. Might be interested in a DBX when they're half price in 3 years.
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