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Russia manipulates every country for self interest. Today they side with Iran and sell anti ballistic missile technology and next day they sell a different one to Saudi Arabia. They also side with Israel and offer assistance to Assad regime. One can not figure out where they're heading any day of the week as their influence is all over the place. Too much has been made of the Russian Meddling in US affairs where US and everyone in the US has got their shorts in a knot when the primary reason for existence of the CIA is to interfere in other country's affairs and that seems to be ok. The US is getting a taste of their own medicin and they don't like it. Russia does not care about any other country and I'd go as far as saying not even their own citizens other than the hierarchy of their government. Other countries have had a taste of Russian interference for a long time and it will not stop anytime soon. Better get used to it folks...

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