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Originally Posted by BlackJetE90 View Post
Problem it is only sports car fast for ~20 miles. The power ratings they are touting are combined ratings. So once you exhaust the electric range, which has been said to be 20 miles. You are left with a $100,000+ sports car running a slow as piss 3-cylinder engine. The i8 needs a bigger gas engine to be called a sports car.
What the hell are you talking about!? The 20 miles range is "electric mode only!" Do you even realize what you are saying? When the i8 is in its sports mode, both the 3 cylinder engine AND the electric motor will be working. The 20 miles range is when it's running on e-mode, or whatever they call it. Besides, it's a hybrid, not an electric car. As long as you have gasoline in there, you should never run out of battery.