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Originally Posted by ScottSinger View Post
Jaeger Lecoultre on watch winders

"As a company we do not recommend the use of a watch winder. We do understand that many clients wish to use a winder. Therefore, we recommend that you put your watch on the winder on the lowest speed for two hours and then stop for two hours. It should be wound bidirectionally. This conservative schedule will ensure that the watch does not experience excessive wear on the barrel and automatic winding system."

I post this in that it will help you find a proper winder
not saying i know more than JLC, but this is bs if ive ever heard it.

a properly designed watch wont care if the rotor is spun 100 times or 1000 times, it should never strain the mainspring. at worst, you are looking at maybe having to have the watch serviced a couple years earlier.

OP Wolf winders are everyone's go to and have proven reliable.
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