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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
This makes no sense. How does your first amendment relate to racism? Or how does racism relate to a reasoned, critical debate?

Seems to me only a racist would have an issue with this private forum rule. Or do you need racists remarks to make a point?
My point is that the terms racism/sexism/bigotry/etc... are applied to far too liberally in today's discourse. In some circles, even stating facts about certain protected classes is considered taboo/x-ism. I'm not advocating the use of slurs or other derogatory terms to make a point, those do not enhance an argument and as such I'm fine with limiting them. I'm simply saying that threats of bans, etc, unless applied extremely fairly and judiciously can stifle what is otherwise a legitimate debate about a topic, nothing more.

Full disclosure: I'm a libertarian, so take that for what it's worth in regard to these posts.