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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
So then what about the right of the owners of this forum to run their business the way they see fit without outside intervention?
That's another 'contentious' topic altogether. The rights of private owners of things, say a business for example, have been steadily eroding for years.

Want to fire an under-performing employee who is a member of a protected class? lawsuit!

Want to refuse service to a member of a protected class (for any reason, even a legitimate one not related to their class)? lawsuit!

Want to drug test all of your employees -- but end up firing only those who fail, and those who fail predominantly belong to a protected class? lawsuit! (H/T to the other thread about US gov's lawsuit against BMW).

Want to hire based on skills alone and ignore protected class status? lawsuit!

Those are just a few examples, obviously there are many more.

So you see, private owners of most things actually have quite a lot of limitations on what they can do with the things that they own. I suppose it should be celebrated that the mods/owners here still have a large amount of control over the enterprise they have created for us here -- but give the regulators a little more time and you'll watch that power slowly disintegrate as well...