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Originally Posted by Flying Ace View Post
if anything I'm fucking sick of sports and pop culture fucking deities. They are entertainers... There's a shit ton of real heros that are making real impact in people's lives and we're fucking caught up in OBJ's celebrations?

It's just fucking entertainment people. Win or lose, however many fantasy points you score, it's just that. Your life is still shitty on come Monday just as much as it was shitty on Friday. Time is likely better spent with your family, or figuring out finances, or fixing up your house or learning a new skill that'll benefit you financially.

I use to take college football really seriously and use to watch about 9 hours every Saturday (my team, the primetime game if my team isn't primetime, and then parts of another game). But today, I still try to watch my team every weekend, but I'm okay missing all of the other games. Even with my team, so far, half of the games were recorded and watched later. Otherwise I would have missed out on a lot of family time for what...sports?

I'll say it again. These people are the equivalent of the court jester. Problem is that they feel they are equal to the kings council. And when the fuck did the king ever take advice from his circus clowns?