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Originally Posted by litxus View Post
This discussion would probably lead to nowhere. But if you look at GMO from a business perspective, it is a good way to control the market. That is patent seeds and force everyone to buy them, or sue them for bs until they have no money left and settle. Therefore you have continuing $$$ coming in, and the more markets you expand your GMO, the more hooked they will be to buy the future products.

Is it good or bad for you? Well, again, most studies are sponsored by universities, and therefore same companies (Monsanto), so do you think they will allow anyone to publish anything negative or even research negative effects of GMO? From the studies (can't recall exactly) that suggested GMO was not good for you, were either ridiculed or careers were ended for those scientists. In short look at the money trail and you will get your answer.

As for yield of GMO crop and food shortage regarding GMO, again there is so much food thrown out daily, but yet we led to believe there is a shortage. Like I said there are many unknowns and you have to look at your sources of information, and then again the money trail...
These are the problems nobody is looking at. Also why does everyone think gmo's have better yields? Genetic modification is almost entirely done for pesticide or herbicide resistance. Considering glyphosate is a toxin and a chelator I wouldn't be surprised if yields are decreased.

Like I said before I am not against gmo's just because it is new technology. I am against them because they are untested. Next you guys are going to start telling me that DDT, PCB's, and dioxins are safe and I am just overreacting.