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Originally Posted by bmw325i View Post
These are the problems nobody is looking at. Also why does everyone think gmo's have better yields? Genetic modification is almost entirely done for pesticide or herbicide resistance. Considering glyphosate is a toxin and a chelator I wouldn't be surprised if yields are decreased.

Like I said before I am not against gmo's just because it is new technology. I am against them because they are untested. Next you guys are going to start telling me that DDT, PCB's, and dioxins are safe and I am just overreacting.
I think the issue is not that nobody looked at it, but there is loads of $$$ behind supporting a favorable agenda and crushing anyone who looks at it in a way which is not favorable to them. It is just like politics, if you have loads of $$$, then bribe (I mean lobby and pass whatever laws you want. OP, don't waste your breath Let people find out for themselves, whichever way it might be.