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Originally Posted by bmw325i View Post
Bt crops require less spraying, but since the plant is genetically modified to produce a pesticide I wouldn't say it is safe to eat. It could be that genetic modification is completely harmless, but the chemicals that are used on genetically modified crops are the problem.
I'm a scientist. Show me the data that says GMOs are unsafe to eat. Show me the data that says they're a problem. You may say they haven't been tested enough for your satisfaction, but they have been extensively tested, there's a ton of data available. Moreso than on most foods. What of it proves there's any problem here?

You can speculate on whatever you like, but in science data trumps speculation, always. Let's see the data.

As I said, I agree with you on chemical pesticide residues. But, if anything, those are worse on non-GMOs. In any event, it's a separate issue.