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Originally Posted by fravel View Post
Yeah, I don't think we're on the same side of why we think it's a failure. My views stem from the belief that we are wasting way too much time, energy and money chasing and prosecuting what are otherwise non-violent offenders. Sure, there is also an element of violent offenders, but we've created the cartels and the hard criminals by giving them a black market in which to operate. They don't care about the drugs, they care about the money.

If we were to legalize, regulate and tax drugs a la alcohol, the black market would dry up, drug-related crime will drop off, we'd create thousands of jobs and the influx of income from the taxes would be huge.
Liberal myth. Study after study have shown that legalizing pot in Colorado fie example has increased illegal drugs. They will only switch to synthetic and designer drugs that are even more harmful. And acceptance to using them will be higher now that drugs have become more scepter. As for pot, the current pot sold is something like 10 times more powerful than the pot of the 60s. Most hippies who advocate this and don't worry about their kids smoking it don't realize this. I have seen many friends fry their brains permanently with pot. Many more than are alcoholics.

The violence is committed against the brains of the users. They are often damaged permanently and beyond repair. Not opposed to the death penalty for hard drug dealers who deal in drugs that can cause death if overdosed on.

Finally the tax money. Pot users and other drug users often loose the drive to succeed and be productive. This is a drain on the economy. We need it pay for rehab, have lower gdp, etc. All this lowers taxes. There are studies both ways but the net result is probably a wash tax wise and a reduction in our gdp.

Lastly, heroine and other opiates come from the poppy crops mostly in Afghanistan. They are used to fund terrorism. Drug dealers selling these should be brought up on terrorism charges. I don't care about kingpins, etc. If you harshly prosecute low level dealers you will dry up the supply of them and the kingpins won't have anyone to sell their stuff. More so, if you have a very heavy sentence for them, you can make it lighter but still strong if the cooperate and give up the guys higher up.

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