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so in true typical political forum fashion, this has turned into who went the farthest with a worthless degree in political science...

As for the war on drugs and the article, you mean to tell me that this "Journalist" sat on a bombshell quote for 22 years and just now decided to bust it open? Add to it that the guy who "gave" him this quote is dead, and you can see how i question the credibility.

While I have no issue with drugs like weed being legal, because if anything, now it can be researched much more and we can get true facts vs stoner facts. Hard drugs like heroin, to my knowledge, have no medical benefit and hurt more than they help. Same with Meth, Coke.... The war on drugs is more about protecting people from hurting themselves and others than about trying to suppress a minority. And if a minority is being suppressed because they are the ones doing these drugs, maybe it is time to take action within the communities and help change the culture rather than blaming someone else for your failures.