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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post
It's all plant based protein, predominantly yellow pea protein. I haven't tried the protein yet.

The bars are great and the recovery tastes ok, but is somewhat gritty. May go better in something other than just water. Wife said the protein is good. She made a very simple smoothie this morning with it and said it tasted creamy vanilla. It's a SUPER fine powder so i'm guessing it'll dissolve in water pretty well. We mainly go the protein because the nutritionist suggested she use plant based protein as a supplement while shifting at least 3 6oz portions of fish each week. Have you ever heard of Infinite Nutrition? The wife uses them for her endurance nutritional needs. It's pretty cool, you can log on to their website and make your own personal blend of nutrition. Protein, potassium, sodium, Flavor, etc.... And you can fine tune it as well. Get a small bag, find that you want more of a pineapple flavor, dial it up next time. She loves it.

I just got news that one of the local tile distributor reps that i've known for some time passed away this weekend. He was diabetic and i suspect that had something to do with it, but i don't know any details other than his son found him when he got home from school on Friday.

Seems to me that focusing on eating more healthy foods is the key to good health. (so long as your genes don't get in the way.) If nothing else, eating less processed foods is a huge benefit.
Hmm, yes definitely a solvent other than water may change the dynamic a bunch, for it. Might even make it more desirable! Hehe.

And I haven't heard of them before but it reminds me of true nutrition and mymix, awesome alternatives. But that's terrible! In my most recent copy of TRAIN magazine, they have an entire article dedicated to showing how much worse the quality of food has gotten over time. It was horrible to read, and saddening to know that there are no massive signs of improvement for future generations unless they make a genuinely conscious effort to better themselves.

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