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Originally Posted by Verbiage View Post
If anything, your FitnessPal workouts and weight loss frequency should be broadcast to the entire world of morbidly obese and lazy individuals to put things into perspective of the other great things the human body is capable of. I know I find it inspiring.
One of the very few people i'm connected with on MFP finally asked me the other day. "Why do you write all that stuff for your bike work outs and why do you report the 0.2 pounds lost every day?"

I guess she didn't know that my Garmin automatically configures the workout type and level based on my average speed. And i have an Aria fitbit scale that is connected to wifi. So it all uploads automatically.

If i had to report my exercises & daily weight to MFP there would be lots of holes in my data. haha

This kind of stuff keeps me motivated....

Sunday we went for a recovery ride on the Causeway. Bridge that connects Tampa to Clearwater. This has a section of bridge that goes up high so boats can go under it. The first time the wife and i did that ride she had to wait for me at the top of the bridge, it was the first hill i had climbed with a road bike.

I went back and looked at my garmin data from December and found that i averaged 9mph and it took me 2:53 to get to the top. I vividly remember this because it was painful and i was at Vo2 max all the way up.

This past weekend, on a recovery ride, it took me only 1:12 to hit the top. On top of that, i felt like i could have doubled that 23 mile ride when we were done with it. Even though we didn't really treat it as a recovery ride because of racing the storm back to the car.
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